Tuesday, September 2, 2014

New Creature—Hex Maw

I have a massive list of ideas for monsters sitting around. While deciding on what to write about, I stumbled upon this little entry: "Monster that damages prepped spells." A massive grin came upon my face, the kind that only a fellow GM can truly understand. I'm not one to hate on my players, but I think most anyone will agree that sometimes the wizard, cleric, or even the new-fangled arcanist should be scared, if only for a moment. Thus, the hex maw was born!

This creature was designed mostly to bring that caster down a peg, it's really not good for much else. However, I didn't design this with the intent of throwing one at the wizard around every turn. It's more of a one-scene wonder, meant to freak the caster out just the once (or twice!) and then move on. It should hopefully be a memorable encounter. Check it out, after the jump.