Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mummy's Mask Encounter: The Leopard's Eye

I'm currently running a group through the Mummy's Mask Adventure Path. Having just completed Part 1 of The Half-Dead City, my players need a little boost in experience points to keep things in line with the recommended level. I decided to whip together a very simple encounter in a haunted bar. It can be found after the jump.

Suni Kasibahn was a well-liked man around Wati. He flourished when in the companionship and camaraderie of others. Having recently inherited a sizable amount of wealth, Suni began work on a place for him and his friends to gather. Neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, and lovers would all be welcome at his bar, once completed.

As luck would have it, the work on the bar coincided with the eruption of the Plague of Madness throughout Wati. Not one to be deterred by such misfortunes, Suni pressed on with the work. One by one, his workers began to succumb to the plague, slowing the work. Suni poured all his wealth into completing the construction as quick as possible, but spirits were down as the workforce had been cut in half in just a few weeks time. Ever persistent, Suni continued toiling long into the twilight hours to make up for lost labor.

His hard work paying off, Suni was able to complete his labor of love, the Leopard's Eye. When the time came to open the bar, all his friends and family had fled Wati or been buried beneath it. Suni had become so obsessed with finishing the bar, he failed to notice his loved ones disappearing around him. He took to drinking alone in the Leopard's Eye that night with a terrible cough, never making it to see the morning sun.

The Leopard's Eye can be run at any point during The Half-Dead City, but works best between Parts 1 and 2, as a means to introduce haunts to the players. When returning to the Grand Mausoleum, the PCs are assigned the Leopard's Eye as their next location to explore. Feel free to use the Wati Necropolis Encounters chart as a means to spice up the travel to or from the abandoned bar.

This modestly sized building is composed of dried clay with a wooden roof. The sign above the door feature the image of a leopard with an eye as green as any emerald. Inside is a trio of tables and a bar at the far end of the room. Dust blankets everything, including a bottle and cup resting upon the bar.

The building itself is relatively small. The bar inside is fifteen long. On the bar rests the remnants of the only drink ever had within the completed building: a fine glass bottle and a gold lined cup, purchased by Suni to make a fantastic impression. The contents of the cup have evaporated away, but the bottle's craftsmanship has been able to preserve the liquid within, albeit in an almost undrinkable, coagulated state.

Suni's immense sorrow at the loss of his loved ones and the inability to share in his new tavern has manifested in the form of a haunt.

XP 800
N haunt (5 ft. radius around the bar)
Caster Level 3rd
Notice Perception DC 22 (to hear the quiet sounds of a man's sobbing)
hp 6; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
Effect When this haunt is triggered, a tremendous, sorrowful cry rings out from behind the bar. All creatures around the bar are targeted by a suggestion spell (save DC 11). All creatures that fail the save are weighed upon with an immense depression and take a drink from the bottle. Drinking from the bottle is treated as ingesting greenblood oil.
Destruction Suni's spirit returns to 'open' his bar ever sundown. The only way to put his soul to rest is for a gathering to be held within the Leopard's Eye. This will cheer his soul, having finally accomplished his task.

Treasure Making sure to provide only the best for his friends and family, Suni splurged on the serving cups and bottles. The cups are all made of tin that has been dipped in gold and the bottles are very fine crystal. In all, there are 20 cups worth 5 gp each and five bottles worth 10 gp each. Behind the bar, a silver pendant worth 75 gp is all that remains of Suni, his body having wasted away and crumbled to dust in the centuries since his death. It has fallen beneath a stool and become covered in dust, requiring a DC 16 Perception check to be noticed. 

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